Review: Any Other Name by Emma Newman


Any Other Name by Emma Newman

Rating: ✮✮✮✮

Genre: Urban Fantasy


In this second book in The Split Worlds series, Cathy must deal with the arranged marriage with William, as well as the increasingly stringent rules of society and her faerie patrons. Max and company continue to investigate the Agency and the killing of Arbiters, uncovering clues that might lead to some real answers. Sam, meanwhile, can’t forget about his time in Exilium and takes matters into his own hands to save the women who were abducted, and in the process also discovers that his wife’s boss isn’t what he seems. The plot and characters from the first book are carried through and continue to develop in Any Other Name.

My thoughts:

I loved the first book in this series, Between Two Thorns (see my review), and I was so excited to pick this up. The good news is that the cliffhanger from the first book is resolved right away. The other good news is that this book is also very good!

The characters from the first book star here as well, and they’ve continued to be interesting. Cathy hasn’t, thank goodness, completely lost her personality, despite her new in-laws’ attempts. William has become more interesting, but also a little frustrating, because in saving the Alba-Rosas, he’s unwittingly become their pawn. The plot to win the dukedom of Londinium is the main driver in his plot line, and I thought it was fairly interesting, though I’m more interested to see what happens in book three.

Sam has proven himself to be more than a drunk mortal, and that made him a better character. He played a bigger role than I expected him to, and I really enjoyed reading his parts of the story. He’s a generous guy and is generally good, and I hope that holds true moving forward.

Max, the gargoyle, and the rest of his crew weren’t all that interesting to me this time. Their investigation is clearly an important part of this story, but as characters, I liked them less than before. I’m curious to see what else they manage to uncover as the series progresses.

Overall, this was a great second installment to a series that started off strong. I’m still looking forward to continuing, and that’s a great sign for any series. This was a strong four star read for me and I’d still recommend this series.


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