New On My Shelf 7/23-7/29

This week has been a slow week for acquiring books for me — and that’s a good thing! I’m working on my backlog of books and trying not to buy too many (although, sometimes, how can I help it??). Here’s what I’ve added to my shelf this week: 

From NetGalley:

cover85608-medium In high school, I read a ton of V.C. Andrews and I’m so excited to be able to read this new book, even if it was written by a ghostwriter using her name and not by the real V.C. Andrews.

cover92618-medium Remember how I’ve been raving about this series since I read the first book just last week? Well, now I’ve got books three and four in hand, and I’m ready to see where this story goes! I’m super excited to have gotten approved for this.

cover86043-medium I love the idea of this book, and any book that features a dog and cooking is high on my list of must-reads.

Other e-books:

51oycupecpl I’ve wanted to read this for a while and it was on sale for $1.99!

51v-psebppl-_sx329_bo1204203200_ Book three of The Split Worlds — see above for my excitement about this!

51e5jzickrl Originally, I think I put this on my TBR shelf because it’s set in Nigeria and I’m working steadily on an around the world challenge (and not doing too great at it, either). This was chosen for me as a pick by a Goodreads friend, though, and I’ll be taking it up in August. She really enjoyed it, so I have high hopes that I will, too!

That’s it for me — what have you added to your shelf this week?

Note: I do realize that I’m a crazy person for thinking that six new books in a week makes it a slow week — but this just goes to show the extent of my insane obsession with books and reading!


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