New Year, New Reading Goals

The past five months or so have been tough for me with reading. I’ve been overwhelmed with pregnancy symptoms, holidays, family visits, and travel, and I’ve barely read anything (which is why there have been almost no posts in the past few months). Now, though, it’s January, the time for goal setting and fresh starts, so I’m hoping to get back to what I love doing most: reading and writing.

My reading goals for the year seem modest to me compared to the past six years or so, since I started tracking how many books I’ve read and setting ever-higher goals to reach. Still, I’m excited for the year ahead and hopeful that I’ll manage to reach my goal.

The goal: Read 60 books

Here’s my plan to achieve it:

I’m going to aim to read five books in a month. Some months, I’ll definitely go over, while in some months I’ll barely squeak by. This is okay, and I’m not going to make myself feel bad about it! It’s not even close to the 160+ I read last year or 200+ the year before, but life changes, and hey, most people don’t even manage one book a month, right?

Which books?

This one is tougher. I have so many ARCs to get through (and I’m working on those!), but I have other books, too. One of my goals is to read 6-12 Pulitzer winners, fiction or non-fiction. My current reading list is heavily non-fiction focused, in part because I really feel like it’s hard to learn new things now that I’m not in school anymore, and I love learning. Another goal is to FINALLY make it through some of my already-purchased TBR.

Right now, I have 19 books to get through from NetGalley (both fiction and non-fiction) in various genres. I’ve already had these much longer than I should and I’m making getting through them (even if the result is a DNF) a priority. These should all lead to blog posts in one way or another, unless I don’t make enough progress to warrant a post.

I also want to expand my horizons and read out of my comfort zone. This means including genres I don’t typically enjoy, but also reading more diverse authors with more diverse characters.

That said, I also want to actually ENJOY what I’m reading, so if all of these goals lead to a big reading slump, I’ll move on to something I know I’ll enjoy (even if it doesn’t help me reach my goals). Reading is reading, and I refuse to feel bad about any of my choices!

Blog goals:

This is tougher. When I started this blog, I wanted to get a post out every day during the week (with weekends off) or every other day. Now, I’m aiming for a review post a week, possibly with a few other posts tossed in, depending on my schedule. If I read faster (especially the ARCs), I’ll post more, but given my reading goals for the year, a post a week seems doable (for now, at least).

So that’s it. Those are my goals for the year for reading and blogging.

Have you made reading goals for 2017? I’d love to hear about them!


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