Hello, March!

I know February is a short month, but I still can’t believe it’s already over! I got a lot of great reading done in February and I was so excited to accomplish some of my big reading goals for the year! Last month, I finished three Pulitzer winners (two fiction, one history) and made good progress toward my overall reading goal of finishing sixty books by the end of the year.

Now that it’s March, though, it’s time for some new goals. I’d love to get through ten books, especially since I’m trying to front load my reading for the year. I’m not sure how much reading I can count on doing after the baby is born, so I want to make sure I’ve made good progress before then.

I know March is Women’s History Month, but since most of the books I read are by and about women anyway, I’m not planning on dedicating any special time or reading to that theme. If an interesting book with feminist themes comes my way, I’ll gladly read it, but for the most part, I feel that I do give plenty of attention to women in ways that I don’t always give attention to non-white authors or subjects (completely unintentionally in both respects). March is also (according to Wikipedia) National Reading Month and Irish-American Heritage Month, so I think I’m covered with my reading plans and themes.

Specifically, I’d love to read three more Pulitzer winners (although this is extremely ambitious). My current focus books are An Army At Dawn (History, 2003), which I’ll be reading (or at least starting) with my Goodreads non-fiction Pulitzer group; A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain (Fiction, 1993), which is a collection of related short stories; and A Visit from the Goon Squad (Fiction, 2011), which I was really supposed to have read for a recommendation exchange last summer. I have high hopes for reading these three, though I’m not sure I’ll definitely make it through.

Besides these, my biggest goal is to finally, finally, read Ulysses. I started reading it for class in my sophomore year of college and couldn’t bring myself to finish it. It’s been sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust ever since, and every year for the past eight years or so I’ve told myself I’m going to get to it. Now, I’m saying in public for all to see that I’m determined to do it this month, no matter how painful it might be (and since I’ve never liked Joyce very much, I do expect it to be painful).

Besides this, I’m planning to continue catching up on my NetGalley reviews and have plans to post at least four reviews from these books (and probably a few more). I’ll likely also finish the audiobook of Crooked Kingdom, which I’ve been listening to with my husband since December. We don’t have too much left and I’m pretty sure that soon, we’ll be done.

That’s it for me! Have you set any goals for reading for the month or year? I’d love to hear about them!


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