Pre-Release Review: The Thing About Love by Julie James


Rating: ✮✮✮✮

Genre: Romance

Release Date: April 18, 2017


I’ve really enjoyed all of Julie James’s books and this was no exception. I was thrilled to get access to an early copy because a well-written romance was just what I needed to break up my other reading, and I can’t recommend this book enough.

In The Thing About Love, FBI agents John Shepherd and Jessica Harlow have to work undercover together despite having a somewhat rocky past. The tension between them is part of what makes this book such a great read. It’s not a traditional romance in the sense that the characters are immediately thrown into a romantic situation by the author. Rather, time is spent developing their history and working on the case they’ve been assigned, and when the romance does come, it feels natural. Nothing in this book felt forced, which is so important in a contemporary romance.

I think what was most important for me was that the characters are believable. Granted, I’m not an FBI special agent and I’ve never done undercover work, but I believed that these characters did, and I believed that they could be a realistic representation of FBI agents. They don’t have crazy names or billions of dollars, but they do have friends and families and struggles, hopes and dreams and disappointments. They’re well-rounded and human, and I love that about them.

I don’t think I can point to anything I didn’t like about this book. I literally had trouble putting it down, and only physical exhaustion made me do it. I gave it four stars because I really loved it, but I hesitate to classify it as a favorite. While it was a great read, in the end, it’s still unlikely to stick with me for a long time because it’s meant to be a light book. What will stick with me, though, is my love of Julie James and all the books she writes.

*ARC from Penguin First to Read


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