Hello, April!

It seems like March flew by, and I didn’t get as much reading done as I’d hoped between traveling and preparing for the baby. I didn’t even touch Ulysses (though that’s not a huge surprise, since I’ve been planning to read it for so long) or any Pulitzer winners besides An Army At Dawn. I did finish and review four ARCs, three from NetGalley, so I’m doing a little better on that front at least.

This month is my last month without a baby competing for attention, so I’m really hopeful that I’ll get some good reading time in. My official goal for each month is to read five books, but for April, I do have a few that I’m hoping to read in particular.

First, I’d love to finish An Army At Dawn. It’s really interesting and written very well, and even though it’s hard to power through denser non-fiction (especially about wars), I’m pretty sure I could manage this in the course of the next month.

Aside from that, I’m hoping to get several NetGalley reviews posted. In particular, I have plans to finish The German Girl (way overdue on this one!), The Bone WitchAnything is PossibleBeartownMaking WavesMurphy’s Law, and The Secret Room. These are, for the most part, quicker reads, so I think I can manage all of them. I  have several more I’d love to get through as well, but my focus is primarily on books coming out in April — and there are a lot of them!

I’d love to finish two books I’ve gotten from Penguin’s First to Read program, too — The Space Between the Stars and Flame in the Mist, but since those don’t come out until a little later, I’m only planning to work them in if I have time.

I’ve got a few other books I’d like to read, too, but I may or may not post reviews for them. My biggest hope is to get through all of my outstanding NetGalley ARCs before the baby comes, though I know that’ll be a tough challenge. Besides reading, I’ll be continuing to work on my Bullet Journal, starting a gratitude log and possibly a morning writing journal, and generally spring cleaning my house (I wasn’t lying when I said reading Marie Kondo’s book inspired me to get this place in shape!).

What are your plans for April, reading or otherwise? What books are coming out soon that you’re looking forward to? Are you as happy as I am that it’s finally spring and we might (fingers crossed) be done with the snow?


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